Since launching in 2010, Helweg Custom Pedalboards has remained less a company, and more, a commission of a personal designer, builder, and technician.

Through patient communication, we work with clients to assess the effects units involved, identify obstacles, solve problems, and transform a complex collection into a single, optimized unit. The results: reliable, streamlined, effects systems that address your unique needs and reflect your personal style.

We have always been driven to product development, pursuit of new features, and improvement of existing designs, and our process is now aided by five years of experience working directly with guitarists of all backgrounds.

Hand-crafted one at a time in Lawrence, Kansas, we utilize the finest possible materials, designs, and craftsmanship.

-Michael Helweg

Michael and Laura Helweg


Helweg Custom Pedalboards launched with an outpour of design and aesthetic features never before seen in the emerging “boutique” pedalboard market. Some of our innovations from 2010-2012 include:

  • Original bottom cover and case design
  • Original cable slot concept
  • Original top-deck panel concept
  • Amplifier-style piping and beading
  • Toned and burst tweed coverings
  • Amish-inspired hardwood frames
  • Pilot lights and power switches
  • Built-in Boss tuners
  • Woven vinyl coverings

From 2013 to the present, we have shifted our innovative focus from aesthetic to technical:

  • Integrated relay-based switching systems
  • Custom-fab internal jack mounting enclosures
  • Custom-fab internal tuner mounting enclosures
  • Custom-fab Pedal Power mounting brackets
  • Silent-unplug input jacks
  • Insert loop assemblies
  • Wireless-to-wired input jack system
  • Effects loop-to-front amp input conversion system
  • Integrated buffer option for any jack assembly

Today, dozens of online builders and companies borrow from our portfolio of original designs.  It’s humbling and exciting to see the impact we have had on the market, and we hope to continue leading the way.

Helweg Pedalboards would not exist without my father, Stan Helweg. We press on in his legacy until the day we meet again (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).