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Pedalboards come with a one-year warranty covering parts and workmanship. This does not cover user damage, normal wear and tear or improper Velcro use (see below).

We use the highest quality parts available and expect our pedalboards to last a lifetime. We don’t, however, expect them to be indestructible. Think amplifier materials. If a problem should arise, let us know. We will do what we can to help, even outside of warranty.

We expect our boards to last a lifetime if properly cared for. We do not expect them to be indestructible.

Temperature & Humidity

Keep your Helweg board out of extreme heat,  cold, and  excessively humid or dry conditions.  Tolex can expand and contract, hardwood frames can warp, and adhesive can soften or dry out.  It’s a good rule to treat your Helweg system with the same care as your favorite amp or guitar.

If you need to keep your rig in the hot (or cold) vehicle for extended periods of time, we recommend a flight case.

If you are looking for a board to play summer gigs on a Florida sand bar, something like a Pedaltrain would be more appropriate.

Shipping Care

Flight cases are designed to check on a bus or plane and take abuse. Helweg cases are not. Nor do they have inner foam to prevent pedals from coming off when undergoing extended periods of being turned up-side down and shaken up.

Helweg tops feature extremely strong Velcro, but we have seen Velcro adhesive “melt” off the bottom of pedals in the heat. The Velcro still sticks to the board, but the pedal breaks free. When shipping your board in it’s Helweg case, pack it in a box with padding and throw a couple towels inside to prevent any possible pedal movement.

Velcro Tops

Helweg soft-tops are covered with Velcro brand’s highest strength loop to ensure your pedals stay safely attached to your pedalboard. The physical bond is strong enough to potentially rival the strength of the adhesive connecting Velcro to the board top and paint to the pedals.

To ensure long life of your pedalboard top and pedal collection, extra care should be taken. To avoid Velcro pulling away from boards and paint ripping off pedals, do not “rip” pedals off using excessive upward force. Instead, lift gently while sliding a credit card or putty knife between the hook and loop to break the bond.